I don’t think I’m ok

I just ate an entire pint of ice cream. I feel absolutely disgusting. I broke down and started crying. Then it really got scary: I went into the bathroom and stuck my finger down my throat. I didnt do anything but my mind cannot be ok. I could really really use some encouragement to help me get back on track. Please?

3/6/12 intake

Breakfast: Apple Cinnamon Nutrigrain bar

Lunch: Oven roasted turkey breast on two slices of whole grain bread. 1 cutie clementine

Dinner: Brown rice with corn

Snacks: I did SO much better today with my snacking! Before i went for my run, I had a few chips and some grapes to take the edge off. Then after dinner I had a bit of whipped cream for my sweet tooth and then later I had a Zone protein bar with a glass of milk.

Workout: I have a lake with a running path by my house. one time on a certain path around the lake is 1.86 miles. I did it twice but i checked my time when I reached 5k because I decided to run a 5k this weekend (hopefully in under 30 mins) and I wanted to see my time. I ran the 5k in 26:40 which isnt horrible considering the wind was VICIOUS today. I literally felt like i was running through jello and i kept getting pushed sideways it was horrible. The temperature was nice though. Im going to do this same run tomorrow and thursday, so even though it’s going to be a bit colder, i’m hoping it won’t be as windy. maybe i can get my time down to 26 flat.

Question: so, I definately could use some motivation while I run. What are your favorite songs to run to??

3/5/12 Intake

ugh i was doing SO well today. but then i got stressed and needed distractions and i ate A TON…

Breakfast: Nutrigrain bar

Lunch: Salad with tomatoes, red peppers, and chicken with some ceasar dressing

Dinner: brown rice with corn

Snacks: whipped cream, a handful of cereal, apple, a lot o’ peanut butter, tortilla chips, cookies, and chocolate chips. i got really stressed and I have a lot of studying that I didnt want to focus on. I am SO disappointed in myself…

Workout: 3.5 mile run on the treadmill. hopefully i’ll get myself to do some ab workouts before bed

3/4/12 intake

Breakfast: bowl of chocolate frosted wheaties with skim milk
Lunch: potato salad
Dinner: pizza
Snacks: I always tend to snack a lot on Sundays so here goes… Potato chips, blueberries, nuts, chocolate
Post workout snack: yogurt
Workout: 5k on the treadmill with 10 mins on the elliptical
I’m not sure how fast I ran the 5k cuz I covered up the screen with a towel and of course I’m THAT girl who launches her iPod off the treadmill while next to the hottest piece of ass the world has ever seen and I had to hit stop and it cleared before I saw my workout info :(
So does anyone have any ideas for low cal snacks? I’m a big snacked and will probably eat some more tonight…

3/3/12 intake

Breakfast: bowl of special k with skim milk
Lunch: turkey sandwich on whole grain bread with an apple
Dinner: this thing I got from the salad bar with marshmallows, cream, and fruit
Snacks: 2 chicken tenders, oreos, chocolate, blueberries, rice krispie treats

Kind of a lot today plus I didn’t exercise but I worked my body so hard yesterday so I thought I needed to take today off.

Starting tmrw I’m going to keep a daily blog of food I eat and exercise I do. I need to get serious about sticking to my healthy habits if I want to see any results.


So I started this week with a cold and thought I would be fine so I worked out as usual because I’m horrified I’ll look fat in my skin tight dress I bought for my dance this weekend and I don’t wanna look fat, I wanna look damn sexy. Anyways, I’ve only gotten more sick and my extreme difficulty breathing has prevented me from working out for the past few days and I probably won’t be able to work out tomorrow either. Hopefully eating right and doing ab workout will be enough to keep me looking slim although I ate probably about 1500 calories today with no exercise… I’m just going to try to stay positive but some reassurance would definitely help. I just need to remember that I’m not gonna be huge just because I had to take off this week due to my health… Right? :/


Just got back from my trip, went to the gym, and stepped on the scale for the first time in 4 days. I was sure I had gotten back up to 120 considering I ate nothing but crap this weekend, but I guess my daily cardio paid off because I weighed in at a surprisingly low 115.5!!!!! I am 1.5 pounds away from being 114 which I wanted to reach by my dance this Saturday. If I eat super clean and fit in my cardio, I’m sure I can do this. BUT I’m running out of ideas for simple and healthy and filling meals. Any suggestions?


I’ve decided to stop killing myself about my weight so I am no longer obsessively calorie content which feels good. Unfortunately I’m now freaking out because my school dance is in less than a week and I wanna blow everyone away with how hot I look in my dress. I’m on a trip right now visiting colleges and I can’t stop overeating junk!! I don’t even have a scale to shock me back into watching my eating habits. I just need to slim down a little bit by Friday. I’m gonna need a lot of help and support if I wanna do this. I don’t wanna look at those pictures and hate myself and my pudgy stomach!

This is my current thinspo. I tried this on in the store and they had to call another store to fin my size so hopefully it fits. I have winter formal in a week and I WILL look damn fine in this dress. Just gotta lose my belly fat and slim down my legs as much as possible. Wish me luck!!

This is my current thinspo. I tried this on in the store and they had to call another store to fin my size so hopefully it fits. I have winter formal in a week and I WILL look damn fine in this dress. Just gotta lose my belly fat and slim down my legs as much as possible. Wish me luck!!